7.433.700 (2011)
32,000 km2
210,2 billion euro
28,270 euro
Main industry sectors: 
machinery (25.9% of turnover), chemicals (15.7%), food (15.4%), non-metallic mineral products (12.7%) andpaper and publishing (7.7%)

The autonomous region of Catalonia is located in the north-east of Spain bordering France, and has a long coastline on the Mediterranean. It covers an area of 32,113 sq km and is inhabited by 7.2 million people. The largest city by far is Barcelona.

Today, Catalonia ranks among the leading industrialised regions of Europe. Comprising 6% of the territory of Spain, it accounts for 25.5% of its industrial production. With an unemployment rate of 6.6% in 2006, the region performs significantly better than the national average. With a history of being a leading region in the industrialisation of the country, it prides itself on a highly diversified industrial structure, a large concentration of small and medium-sized enterprises and an export-orientated economy.

Apart from this, Catalonia has a wide range of educational institutions, with more than 725 high-quality public and private schools. In addition, it has a network of 12 universities and some of the most prestigious business schools in Europe.

In 2006, Catalonia devoted 1.43% of its GDP to R&D and innovation expenditure. In this field, Catalonia stands out in the pharmaceutical, health and ICT sectors. The four largest Spanish pharmaceutical companies were founded and have their head offices in Catalonia and seven of the world's ten main pharmaceutical companies have facilities in the area. Thirty percent of the total amount of Spanish biomedical research is done in Catalonia, where a large network of hospitals and universities have leading clinical research groups operating at an international level. ICT companies in Catalonia (for example, EDS, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Indra and Microsoft) are considered the most innovative in Spain.

The institutions taking part in the project will be established in accordance with the groups set out in the Programme Document:
• Business/Employer associations
• Professional associations
• Universities and Business schools
• Research centres

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