Structure of the Project

A series of activities (grouped by phases/work stages) will be repeated over the course of each Cycle, which will last four years and follow on from the previous one.
Each Cycle will comprise the following stages:

  1. Selection of Locomotive Economic Regions and Institutions. To give rise to an Administrative and Technical structure of the Project (only de first cycle). Establishing of the organization structure and development criteria of the Project. Selection of Macro and Micro indicators linked to the six factors of excellence.
  2. Analysis of problems in selected Locomotive European Economic Regions, based on evaluation of macro indicators (regions) and micro indicators (companies) and on the opinions of leading experts. Preparation of a report that will be based on this evaluation, including:
    • comparative results
    • evaluation of the current situation
    • lines of action and future collaboration
  3. A Conference will be held, based on the report contents (previously approved by the members of the Advisory Council). The Conference will present results and proposals, which will be discussed with the heads of European, State and Regional political institutions.
  4. The report contents and the Conference conclusions will be published and a Final Statement issued.
  5. Monitoring of the application of the proposals set out in the Final Statement. Settlement of a Permanent Observatory.

The host Locomotive Economic Region will co-ordinate the carrying out the Work Plan in a given Cycle and organise the Conference to present the conclusions of the Analysis Stage.
Each Cycle will take into account the results obtained in the preceding one. R+D+4i concepts and fields, proposed measures, and the monitoring plan will be updated if deemed necessary.
A permanent Secretariat will be established for all the EULER taking part in the Project. It will coordinate and supervise activities in subsequent cycles.