What we want

The R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association thinks that Europe urgently needs to incorporate this wide-ranging philosophy if it is to succeed against globalisation and the challenges of Asian and American competition.
The R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association aims to create a framework which drives competitiveness in the European Union through a powerful EULER network based on the following social and institutional triumvirate:

  • Business associations
  • Professional associations
  • Academic and scientific world, such as universities, business schools, research centres and humanistic foundations or similar

This triumvirate shall be constituted in each of the EU Locomotive Economic Regions (EULER) which participate in the R+D+4i Project. Each EULER shall develop its own structural organisation within the Project, from the corresponding Association sub office.

In order to carry out the objectives of the Association, it shall be able to perform the following tasks, among others:

  • Conducting scientific studies on research development, innovation, identity, impact and infrastructure of all kinds, as well as technical, socio-economic and environmental studies.
  • Organizing all kinds of conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars and work groups with regard to the studies mentioned above.
  • Promoting new management and improving techniques for the overall value-added chain.
  • Encouraging contacts and information exchanges between its Members.
  • Enabling the joint representation of Members in specialized exhibitions and shows.
  • Creating an R+D+4i Forum in its website, as a meeting point for Members of the Association so that they can exchange suggestions, share information and establish cooperation channels.
  • Acting as a meeting point between business, professional and educational institutions, including scientific and humanistic entities, as well as companies and individuals interested in participating in the R+D+4i Project development.