Work plan

Analysis stage development
After the selection of the indicators to be analyzed, they will be allocated to the institutions that constitute the Action Group. In that sense, two considerations have to be taken in account:

  • Coordinating institutions (that will coordinate the analysis of one or more indicators jointly with others institutions that will act as a collaborators)
  • Collaborating institutions (that will support the coordinating institutions in the indicators analysis)

The analysis of the indicators (trends, benchmarking strong and weak points, causes, possible countermeasures,...) will be followed by an study of Action Lines and a Final Report, case by case (with a team composed by coordinating and collaborating institutions).
The last step will consist in a drafting of a Final Statement by indicators and summarized by R+D+4i factors. (with a team settled by the coordinating institutions).

Final Conference
The leading institution of the host EULER will organize the Final Cycle Conference. All EULER involved institutions will participate. Key deciders and important of EU, national and regional governments will be invited.
The final Conference of the first four years cycle will be held in Barcelona during the second half of 2010, being Catalonia the hosting EULER.

Dissemination of conclusions / Action Plan follow-up
The members of the Euro Action Group will establish a Permanent Observatory. The main aim of this Observatory will be the control of the Action Group achievements in:

  • Training and education in society (values)
  • New Business Culture (NBC) implementation
  • High-tech development
  • Business fabric transformation
  • Leading in R+D+4i factors
  • Improvement of EU global competiveness
  • Rethinking the EU regional policy
  • More sustainable logistics (FERRMED Standards implementation)